Former LABOUM Member Yulhee Reveals How She Met FTISLAND’s Minhwan

Their love story began in the waiting room of a music program.

Former LABOUM member Yulhee recently appeared on an episode of Happy Together and revealed more about her love story with husband, FTISLAND‘s Minhwan.

Yulhee said she first met Minhwan in the waiting room of a music program and confessed that she was immediately attracted to him.

I met him for the first time in the waiting room of a music program. I was attracted to the way Choi Minhwan seemed uninterested.

ㅡ Yulhee


Two years after their first encounter, Minhwan apparently came up in a discussion Yulhee was having with her acquaintance and she asked the acquaintance to introduce her to him.

2 years after our first encounter, I was talking to my acquaintance and Choi Minhwan came up. I asked to introduce him to me first.

ㅡ Yulhee


She did say that while she was the one to ask to be introduced, Minhwan was the one to ask her out. Moreover, their first date took place on the romantic Han River.

Choi Minhwan confessed his feelings first. Our first date was at the Han River.

ㅡ Yulhee


After Yulhee got pregnant, she thought it over before telling Minhwan, “I carefully thought about it and I want to have it (the baby).” Minhwan responded by expressing that that was the obvious choice and said that he would take responsibility.

Choi Minhawan said, ‘Of course we’ll have it. I’ll take reponsibility.’ Later, he told me that he was a little hurt that I said I carefully thought about it.

ㅡ Yulhee


She also explained that her mother was also supportive of her decision to have the child.

I found out I was pregnant the day after our dating news broke out. I continued promotions for a couple of weeks. My belly was getting bigger and I still needed to wear the stage outfits so it was not easy. So after our schedule in the middle of the night, I went down on my knees and told my mother. She cried as soon as she heard. Then the first thing she said was, ‘Does Choi Minhwan say it’s okay?’ She said she would accept my choice and gave me realistic advice.

ㅡ Yulhee


And thanks to the support from all the people around her, Yulhee and Minhwan now have a beautiful little son!

Source: Starin