Here’s Why K-Pop Choreographers Enjoy Working With TWICE And ITZY

They have something in common.

K-Pop choreographers secretly have their own favorites when it comes to the groups they work with!

Dance crew LACHICA recently released a video for their fans where they reviewed TWICE‘s “Perfect World” single. Though they’re officially the choreographers of the dance, they’re also fans themselves!

LACHICA | @la.chica_official/Instagram

Throughout the video, they couldn’t hold back their compliments for the girls. They praised JYP Entertainment girl groups in general for their dancing, particularly the formations that the members make with their bodies.

Not sure if it’s TWICE or the JYP side, but they like these kinds of unique formations.

— Gabee

They also brought up ITZY, TWICE’s juniors, and revealed that they, too, are well-liked by choreographers. LACHICA is always excited to work with such dance-oriented groups.

What I’ve felt is that TWICE’s [and] JYP Entertainment girl group choreographies are pretty hard. So there were times I felt this part of the choreography made it in even if it doesn’t really fit the song’s vibes. I felt that. I really like TWICE and ITZY.

— Rian

LACHICA member Rian also likes them for more than their dance abilities. They’re simply well-loved girl groups! The choreographer is an especially big fan of TWICE whom she supports on the sidelines.

I’m a very strong fan. I’m really a fan of TWICE so I watched them a lot. And I realized there was a lot of [difficult] choreography.

— Rian

Check out the full video below for more information about them.

Source: YouTube