Lai Kuanlin Confessing His Love To You Is The Best 3 Seconds On The Internet

Drop everything you’re doing and watch this.

In his recent interview with Allure, former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin shared his fondest memories of when he first arrived in Korea and his adventure as a K-Pop star since then – and his fans are falling in love with this beauty of a man all over again!


Lai Kuanlin recalled when he first landed in Korea, in October of 2016. He remembered it being a clear autumn day.

Of course I remember. It was October 2016. It was in fall. The weather was really nice. It still remains a good memory for me.

— Lai Kuanlin


Lai Kuanlin shared that the first Korean food which he found delicious was actually kimchi – and his fans are quite convinced that he is a natural Korean in disguise!


The first few words that Lai Kuanlin pick up during his early days in Korea are the ones that he now tells the fans all the time and hears back from them every day. He looked straight into the camera and confessed his love – and that was that, it ended us all!

I love you.

— Lai Kuanlin


Lai Kuanlin then left us with the cutest smile in the universe. He updated his fans on his future plans, including the upcoming release of his drama, and he looked forward to meeting the fans when he goes on promotions again! Now, Lai Kuanlin’s fans are counting down the days to his return to the K-Pop scene.


Watch the full interview below:

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