LAPILLUS’s Chanty Named Her Most Vivid Memory As A Filipino Student, And It’s Relatable AF

Raise your hand if you’re just like her!

LAPILLUS‘s Chanty is already one of the most relatable K-Pop idols in the eyes of Pinoys!


Prior to joining MLD Entertainment as a trainee in 2021, she was active as an actress and model in the Philippines.

She recently recounted her pre-debut days in a video call event with a lucky fan. Here, she admitted that the most memorable part of her student life was being continuously late in the morning!

Yeah, it’s funny because no matter how much I try to go early [it never worked out].

— Chanty

Like many of us, she was the definition of “Filipino Time” when it came to school. In her defense, it was difficult to be on time early in the morning when waiting for another person to finish getting ready as well.

Because I go with my sister a lot to school, we arrive at the same time. So because of that, we always run late together.

— Chanty

Though she’s a K-Pop idol now, she was once the classmate everyone has who always sneaks into the room after the bell rings. She even remembered peaking her head past the door and asking her friends if their teacher arrived before her.

I’m always the type to go, ‘Are there teachers there?’

— Chanty

She rejoiced if she was on time (“Good, there’s none!”) but accepted the lecture she received if not (“They scold me whenever I’m late.”)

Chanty with “Hiwaga ng Kambat” co-star Bea Borres | @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram

Chanty is a 19-year old vocalist from LAPILLUS. She graduated junior high school from the Zion Academy of Carmona, Cavite, in 2019.

Source: Twitter