The Unique Ways LAPILLUS’ Chanty Incorporates Her Filipino-Argentinian Identity Into Her Fashion

She’s multicultural.

LAPILLUSChanty is currently the only Filipino-Argentinian K-Pop idol. She’s proud of her different cultures and brings them with her in various ways. In an interview with Envi, she mentioned this in the context of fashion.


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1. Philippines

First up, Chanty’s Filipino mom is her biggest fashion inspiration. Because of her, she does not follow trends blindly and instead chooses timeless pieces.

My mom is the type to wear something basic, and I feel like I got that from her. Every time there’s a trend she would only copy or follow it if she feels [that] it would match her style. I got that attitude from her and I got that outlook when it comes to fashion.

— Chanty

| @itsmaria.chanta/Instagram

She sticks to her simple style, which usually consists of a white top and jeans. A few accessories are also added to upgrade her look easily.

Even until now, [when] wearing accessories, I never take this ring off because I feel naked without it; it’s to that extent. I can’t live without accessories or stuff like that [and that’s because] she made a really big impact on my fashion.

— Chanty

| @itsmaria.chanta/Instagram

2. Argentina

Chanty further attributes her personal style to her Argentinian heritage. She noted that Latin Americans have a distinct “sultry” fashion sense that sets them apart from other cultures.

The thing that always stood out to me is the ragged look, you know the [items] like the borcegos and the boots, then you wear a leather jacket or something like that. The way Koreans dress and the way Latin Americans dress is so different and I like to mix and match. Latin America has a very sultry look, and here in Korea, [the fashion] looks more like a uniform: stylish, classy, elegant.

— Chanty

She recently adapted this into her own wardrobe when she bought a pair of brown Dr. Martens, which is not usually part of women’s street style in The Philippines and South Korea.

I bought some boots in Argentina last time [I was there] before coming to Korea. I’m actually wearing them right now ‘cause I like the style and it’s not something you can normally see here in Korea. I like it because it feels different and it makes me feel like I’m standing out because they have a really different style.

— Chanty

| Envi

When it comes to fashion, Chanty believes that simple is best—and she incorporates her diverse background here as well!

| @itsmaria.chanta/Instagram
Source: Envi
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