Large Crowds At ENHYPEN’s First Public Fansign Prove Their Popularity

Fans showed up despite the high temperatures.

Many 4th generation K-Pop groups are just beginning to have experiences in their career previously prevented by COVID-19 restrictions. Groups were previously unable to hold events like concerts and in-person fan signs. ENHYPEN recently drew large crowds to their first public fansign!

ENHYPEN | Weverse

ENHYPHEN recently released their newest comeback track “Future Perfect (Pass The Mic).

The group’s album sales made them the first and only 4th generation group to have two million-seller albums, serving as a testament to the group’s popularity

Most fan signs are held indoors and only the participants are able to enter and see the group hosting the event. Some groups are able to hold public fansigns, which take place outside meaning fans are able to look in as the group signs albums.  ENHYPEN fans lined up in order to catch a glimpse of the group up close.

A non-fan was stunned to see the crowd surrounding the group’s fansign, calling it a “surreal atmosphere.” Rows and rows of fans can be seen, with some standing on ladders to get a better view.

In other posts, it is possible to see how fans tightly packed themselves into spaces in order to be able to see ENHYPEN!

Many online fans are hopeful events like these will lead to ENHYPEN’s popularity increasing even further both domestically and abroad.

Check out how considerate the group was to fans during this fansign:

ENHYPEN Go Viral For Their Behavior Toward ENGENEs During Recent Fansign