LASIK Is The #1 Recommendation To Those With Bad Eyesight — Except TWICE’s Jihyo Has Something Else To Say

Nayeon and Sana wanted LASIK. Jihyo told them don’t do it.

In a past live broadcast, TWICE brought up the topic of getting LASIK Laser Eye Surgery. Nayeon was worried that the effects of the surgery will be felt even after several decades. “You’ll see the effect several decades later.

Having experienced it for herself in the past, leader Jihyo strongly advised against getting it because of how dry her eyes are now.

I can feel the effects since my eyes became dry after getting the Lasik Surgery. I recommended the surgery after I had it, but I don’t recommend it now. Too dry.

— Jihyo

Disappointed, Nayeon revealed that she planned on getting the surgery sometime in the future. “I wanted to get the surgery later.

Sana agreed with her, saying, “I planned to get that this year.

Shaking her head, Jihyo firmly repeated her stance. “I don’t recommend.

Nayeon then remembered another disadvantage of LASIK surgery that she had heard about — being unable to see sunlight!

It’s case by case, but some don’t like that surgery. They can’t see sunlight.

— Nayeon

Immediately, Jihyo eyes widened. She, too, started struggling to see sunlight after her surgery.

It’s very hard to see that. It’s so hard for me to that.

— Jihyo

After hearing Jihyo’s story, would you still undergo LASIK surgery?