The Last Time SM Made One Of Their Girlgroups Do An Innocent Concept Was In 2008

SM Entertainment girl groups don’t do cute concepts anymore.

SM Entertainment’s first girl group S.E.S. coined the innocent fairy concept.

Pairing this with the fact that K-Pop girl groups stick with the cute & innocent concept years after they become adults, it’s shocking to realize that it’s been 10 years since an SM Entertainment girl group did an innocent concept.


Girls’ Generation rookie day tracks “Baby Baby”, and “Kissing You” had the girls in all white or pastel colors, singing sweet songs and wearing very minimalistic makeup.

They also involved very fluffy skirts.


Since then, Girls’ Generation has transformed into cheerleaders, soldiers, figures of female empowerment, and more.


SM Entertainment never transformed them back into the innocent girls they debuted as.


Their successors, f(x) and Red Velvet completely skipped the cutesy-innocent step as well.

f(x) has always had super contemporary and unique concepts.

Red Velvet debuted as bright, spunky girls and recently showed off a grown-up, sexier side to them with “Bad Boy”.


Perhaps SM Entertainment has put the innocent concept to rest or maybe they’re waiting for their next girl group to show the K-Pop world how to do it best!

Source: Instiz