Latest Photos Show That Apink Eunji Maybe Actually Be Aging Backwards

Apink‘s Eunji knows the secret to looking younger, and it’s all in her hair.

Eunji has surprised her fans by returning to her youthful front bangs hairstyle. Although she is only 23 years old, she has turned back the clock and looks 18 again.

It’s amazing how such a small change like hairstyle can have such a huge effect on someone’s appearance, but Eunji’s new style certainly gives her that youthful quality.

Eunji is preparing to make a comeback this Spring with her second solo album.

Check out photos of her new bangs below and decide for yourself!

She looks so bright and lovely

Simply flawless.


She could definitely pass for an 18-year-old.


Bangs suit her youthful image.

Her new style adds an extra element of cuteness.

That face is absolutely adorable.