Lauv Reveals BTS Gifted Him With The Highest Of Honors While Working On Their Collab

Lauv was just as impressed by them as they were with him.

During an interview on the Zach Sang Show, Lauv opened up about his collaborations with BTS, having featured on their remix of “Make It Right” and them featuring on his recently released song “Who”.

Since he already had experience working with BTS on “Make It Right”, host Zach Sang asked if it resulted in Lauv having a better understanding of how to work with the group the second time around.

It turned out that he didn’t need to tip-toe around what they wanted and instead gifted him with two things that artists value most.

Recalling how they’d collaborated on that song in particular, Lauv broke down how easy the process had been. Rather than forcing him to follow rules and an outline, they let him do whatever he’d wanted as long as he kept to the feeling of the song.

Being sent the lyrics, obviously, and then sort of like the overall message of the song. And then being asked, not just [to] sing a literal translation, to write my own lyrics. Sort of in the same vibe.

That much freedom had actually ended up putting a bit of pressure on Lauv, especially since he’d only met the group once in passing. He confessed, “I was nervous to do something like that. I was nervous to even do it.” There was something else that made him even more anxious about it.

On top of giving him so much freedom, they mentioned, “By the way, you’re gonna be the first vocalist on the song.” That was an honor the singer hadn’t been expecting at all, “That’s a hot entrance. It’s really crazy for me.”

It was such an “extraordinary” thing, to have a feature but also start the song, that Zach had to highlight it. Lauv couldn’t believe it himself. With an expression that showed just how amazed he still was, he said, “I know. Why would you want me to start? Like, what? So crazy.”

While BTS had covered his songs and were excited to get the opportunity to work with him, Lauv was the one who ended up receiving new experiences. Listen to him talk about how well the group treated him during the creative process of working on their collaboration here.