“Law School” Actor Kim Bum Shares The Helpful Reason He Keeps Every Script He Has Ever Received And More

“That became a foundation that I’ve now done for every project.”

Singles Magazine has recently released a preview of their photoshoot and interview with Kim Bum!

The photoshoot had a serious and almost mysterious vibe with intense facial expressions. Kim Bum impressed the staff as they commented, “He’s even elite when it comes to photoshoots.

From his breakout role in Boys Over Flowers in 2009 all the way up to Tale of the Nine-Tailed last year and his currently-airing series Law School, Kim Bum has continuously been widening his acting range over more than 15 years. Although he has been in many different TV series and films, he revealed that he has actually kept the scripts of every project he has ever worked on!

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If I don’t understand a character’s situation or the background they grew up in, I can’t properly immerse myself into the role. That’s why when I receive a script, I write down my own story on the first page. That became a foundation that I’ve now done for every project.

—Kim Bum

He continued on by explaining that action and emotional scenes are actually quite difficult, even though he does them often. He shared, “Despite that, I didn’t push through the difficulties so much as just being on set gives me strength. I’m still thankful that I got to give and receive positive energy with great people.


In more recent years, Kim Bum has been focusing on daring characters like a gumiho (a nine-tailed fox), a monster, and a serial killer. He explained with a smile that director Kim Seok Yoon’s comment to “give off a plain yogurt taste” for Law School was very refreshing to him. The director used this to teach that “you need to know how to taste plain before you can express other flavors.

That’s why I worked to eliminate the original ‘taste and colors’ of Kim Bum in this series. Depending on the person watching, it might not be your preference as an image different from what you’ve seen so far may feel awkward. I am a little worried but I hope that people will think of this as just another ‘taste’ of mine.

—Kim Bum

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Kim Bum is currently playing Han Joon Hwi, an elite student, in JTBC’s Law School. He explained that some people may think the series is difficult and strict due to it being about law but it’s actually more about the student’s lives. He revealed, “When the director first suggested it, it’s true that I had no confidence in the law genre.

It’s just set at a law school, but there was nothing more difficult about it than other K-Dramas in terms of the conflicts, jealousy, and friendships.

—Kim Bum

To prepare himself for the new role, Kim Bum shared that he searched for mock court case classes and would re-enact them with the other actors.

Kim Bum’s full interview and photoshoot will be in the May issue of Singles magazine!

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