Korean Lawyers Reveal How They Track Down Anonymous Malicious Commenters Who Target Idols

Hiding behind a nickname or online ID can’t stop them from being found.

When it comes to malicious comments, celebrities are the ones who receive them often—especially idols. Korean lawyers Ko Seung Woo and Jeong Chong Myeong, who worked for the likes of Park Jihoon, Ong Seongwu, and Kim Soo Hyun, shared some of the processes behind suing malicious commenters for Comment Defenders.

One netizen asked if it was possible to sue someone without having their real identity: “Can you sue a person with a nickname? This person doesn’t use their real name but different IDs. Can I sue that?

Without hesitating after reading the question, Jeong Chong Myeong confirmed that it was indeed possible—even if they’ve used multiple fake names: “We can find it. Especially on mega portal sites like Naver, you could make different IDs.

Although they appear anonymous on different platforms, every interaction leaves a trail back to the person’s true identity because of account verification. “But, you have to verify yourself, and your name has to be verified.

That alone makes it possible for lawyers to track them down easily. “So as long as there’s a record for the post, we can easily find out who that is.” Despite this, some sites make it a bit harder for commenters to be found.

Ko Seung Woo noted that some sites don’t require someone to make an account to comment. “On some websites, you can leave a comment without joining, like DC Inside. It’s more difficult to find in that case.

Though it takes more work, it was still possible to find their true identity and revealed how. “You can!

Chong Myeong shared that a computer’s IP address could be matched with the posting of the malicious comments: “We often use IP address as well. We can find it all.

No matter how simple or complicated, lawyers can discover the real identities of those who post malicious comments towards celebrities. Even though those commenters still won’t think twice about posting, at least they can be caught.

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