LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Wasn’t Confident She Could Be The Group’s Leader—Here’s Why

She was personally asked by the company.

As LE SSERAFIM fans would know, former IZ*ONE member Chaewon is the group’s leader. In an interview with Weverse Magazine, she talked about her experience in the role, how she was chosen, and why she originally lacked confidence.

Chaewon | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

The “FEARLESS” singer explained that she never saw herself as the leader type because she always followed other people. But when she joined SOURCE MUSIC, she interacted with the younger members and saw that they looked to her for guidance. Without even realizing it, she was already leading them.

I used to be the kind of person who did whatever other people told me to do and just took things as they came to me (laughs) but now there are many younger people with me and I have all this accumulated experience so I was leading without even realizing it.

— Chaewon


Seeing that, the company personally asked her if she wanted to be the group’s leader. She, however, had her reservations because she had been the youngest person in her family, and she wasn’t confident she knew how to do it.

When the label watched us after that, they said they wanted me to be the leader and asked me to think about it. Even among all my extended family I’m the youngest, so it was always me being looked after by others, and I’ve never been responsible for leading someone else, ever. I was worried whether or not I could do it.

— Chaewon

After some thought, she realized that she was willing to try her hand at it. “But I figured, well, I’m sure it will work out if I just do it. (laughs) Because they say people always rise to the challenge,” she said.


She went on to share how her past experience as an idol helped her give advice. When they’re gearing up for a performance, for example, she assists them in fixing their mics and tells them what will happen. This helps them prepare for the actual thing.

When we practice for live performances, I tell them how to put on their mics and how the procedure will go, or Kkura and I will tell them a bunch of little things so that they will be ready for the real thing.

— Chaewon

Finally, she revealed that it’s her wish as leader to care for her members’ emotions. She wants them to know that they can always turn to her when they’re struggling. As a long-time idol, she is aware of how much of a toll the job can take on their health, so she wants to be a constant source of support.

Personally, I want to take care of the other members’ emotional side. I think I have a lot to say about that aspect and I want to be the kind of leader they can rely on emotionally.

— Chaewon


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Source: Weverse Magazine