LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s Relatable Reaction to aespa’s Ending Fairies Wins Over K-Pop Fans

“She really had to pull herself together.”

In the world of K-pop, fan interactions and memorable moments between idols are cherished by enthusiasts. Recently, LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon caught the attention of fans with her hilarious and cute reaction to aespa‘s ending fairy shots following their Music Bank performance of “Spicy.” The adorable clip has gone viral on social media, resonating with fans and generating a buzz within the K-Pop community.

| @_chaechae_1/Instagram

During a captivating performance of “Spicy” on Music Bank, aespa members concluded their routine with the infamous ending fairy shots. As the camera captured the mesmerizing visuals, Chaewon, a member of LE SSERAFIM, was momentarily entranced by the stunning aespa members. The clip, which has since gone viral on Twitter, shows Chaewon frozen in awe for a few seconds before hilariously snapping back to reality and commencing her interview with LE SSERAFIM.

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The relatable reaction quickly gained traction on social media, captivating fans and non-fans alike. A Twitter post featuring the clip received an overwhelming response, accumulating nearly 2 million views, 50,000 likes, 8,000 retweets, and 1,800 quote retweets. Netizens flooded the comments section with playful remarks, expressing how Chaewon’s response mirrored their own emotions when encountering aespa’s jaw-dropping visuals.

Chaewon’s genuine astonishment at aespa’s ending fairy shots must have struck a chord with fans who often experience similar feelings when witnessing breathtaking performances! Many fans could see themselves in Chaewon’s shoes, feeling overwhelmed by the talent and beauty of their favorite idols. The clip reminded fans of the shared excitement and emotional connection they have with idols, bridging the gap between artists and their supporters.

Some fans even compared the clip to a similar reaction Red Velvet‘s Irene had following an electrifying performance by EXID. The clip also has gone viral multiple times, with netizens finding Irene’s expression as her face fades into view right after EXID’s sexy ending shot fades out extremely funny and relatable.

Another reaction that resembles Chaewon’s is former LOONA member Chuu‘s awe-struck face as she watched VIVIZ and Kep1er members perform during Queendom.

In a world where idols continually captivate us with their incredible performances, it’s always a heartwarming sight to witness them experience the same awe and amazement that fans feel when watching them on stage. Chaewon’s genuine reaction to aespa’s ending fairy shots reminds us that idols,  despite their own remarkable talent, at times also experience the sheer wonder that fans feel when watching them on stage.


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