LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae Was Touched By CRAVITY Seongmin’s Behavior Towards Staff

“That’s so sweet.”

To promote their double title tracks “Cheese” and “Ready or Not”, CRAVITY‘s Seongmin and Jungmo featured in Eunchae’s Star Diary. As the three shy idols interacted, LE SSERAFIM‘s Hong Eunchae was touched by her senior’s treatment of staff.

Hong Eunchae, Seongmin, and Jungmo. | @eunchae_diary/Twitter

Since a fan requested Eunchae to try Seongmin’s signature “Meow” aegyo (cute gesture), he demonstrated how to do it. It was so full of cuteness that Jungmo hid in the back and laughed. Even Eunchae was taken aback.

Although it was “really hard” for Eunchae to do aegyo, she praised CRAVITY’s maknae (youngest member) for doing it so well. In fact, Seongmin does it more than you’d expect. Jungmo revealed, “When it’s quiet in the salon, I can hear, ‘Meow,’ once in a while.

Naturally, Eunchae asked Seongmin why he randomly did aegyo when getting his makeup done. The reason was just as unexpected as the action. He answered, “I do it to make my makeup artist laugh.

Making Seongmin even more shy, Eunchae praised her senior for being so caring towards staff. She said, “That’s so sweet.

Seongmin wasn’t just kind to CRAVITY’s staff, either. He encouraged Eunchae to do the “Meow” aegyo well so that others could “pass out in bliss” from the cuteness.

Seongmin is so caring that he won’t pass up even a small chance to brighten his staff’s day.