LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Was A Heartless Killer When She Played Video Games With Her Members

Kazuha was out for blood!

LE SSERAFIM visited a PC bang in the latest episodes of their YouTube reality series, LENIVERSE. PC bang translates to “PC room” in English and is where people can pay to enjoy a high-speed internet connection on a top-quality computer, usually for video games. Visitors can also have fast food delivered directly without looking away from their screens.

The PC Bang | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube

The girls enjoyed playing Gang Beasts, Kartrider, and a chaotic version of Among Us! Traditionally, Among Us is played using cute astronaut avatars, but this version featured a duck trying to kill a group of geese instead. The objective was for either the duck to kill all of the geese or for the geese to finish their tasks or identify the hidden duck.

Eunchae and Sakura had played the game before, so they guided Chaewon, Yunjin, and Kazuha as they went along.


Everything was peaceful initially, but it didn’t take long for the members to suspect each other.

Then, out of nowhere, Chaewon’s character was killed!

Since they were close together, it was unclear who the murderer was, so no one was picked as the duck.

Before the members could resume their missions, Kazuha killed Sakura right in front of Yunjin and Eunchae!

Everyone was shocked by the cold-blooded murder before their eyes. Immediately, Kazuha was voted as the duck and executed, securing the victory for the remaining geese.

The bloodshed was far from over since, a few games later, Kazuha killed Sakura in the open again and framed Yunjin! She rapidly became better at hiding her crimes the more they played together. Sadly, she was voted off as the apparent culprit, just like before.

It was shocking for the members to see how a simple video game changed the pure-hearted Kazuha into a stone-cold killer. They had a great time together, competing and tricking one another!

Watch all the games LE SSERAFIM played together in the full episodes below!


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