LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Lists The Tools You Need To Get Toned Abs And A Great Posture Like Her

She swears by them.

As a former professional ballerina and a current K-Pop idol, LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha places great importance on managing her body—and her hard work has clearly paid off! The “FEARLESS” singer boasts toned abs and a straight posture that have caught the attention of fans since Day 1.


Luckily, she isn’t keeping her methods a secret! In a past vlog, she showed off the tools that she uses to exercise and stretch her body.

I’ve always done ballet, so there’s a lot of stretching equipment here. So today I’m going to introduce them. There’s my stretching equipment in here.

— Kazuha

One such item is shaped like a boomerang, and she gently hits her neck and legs with it to relieve muscle aches. Its strange shape makes it very effective for different areas of the body. Plus, her mom purchased it for her, so it has a special place in her heart!

Next, she enjoys using a rubber band for shoulder exercises. She finds that it’s great at improving her posture and building her muscles. “If I do this, my shoulder posture improves. It helps build my back muscles and make my arms look thinner too,” she explained.

She also uses a white ball to help her with ab exercises. Despite its large size, she loves bringing it with her to the company…just in case she wants to get some training in.

I always bring this when I go to the company. Isn’t it cute? I use this when I want to train the inner muscles.

— Kazuha

Finally, Kazuha mentioned that she does planks during breaks to help build abs. Even her members borrow her equipment and join her when she’s planking!

Yunjin and Chaewon are really interested in this too, and we all exercised together with these. We work out a lot. When we go to a shoot, we do planks before it starts.

— Kazuha

Seeing her many tools and her immense dedication to exercise, it’s no wonder she has such a toned body and a fantastic posture.

To see the rest of Kazuha’s exercise equipment and massage tools, watch the full vlog below.

Source: YouTube