LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Wins A Toddler’s Heart In “Return Of Superman”

She totally won him over with one of her skills.

LE SSERAFIM members had the pleasure of appearing in The Return of Superman to be with single mom Sayuri and her adorable son Zen.

Of the three members, Kazuha, Eunchae, and Sakura, it was Kazuha who captivated the toddler Zen. His attention was always on her.

Kazuha might have charmed Zen even more through her graceful ballet moves. Kazuha impeccably enthralled Zen enough to get him watching her unblinkingly.

Soon, Zen joined her, trying to make the same moves she was showing him.

Encouraged, Kazuha made a few more moves to get Zen into his element. The toddler wowed them with his quick pick-up of Kazuha’s actions as he bowled them over with his adorable attempts.

He even did a pirouette! Look at how happy he is looking at Kazuha with heart eyes.

Eunchae and Sakura joined the fun and showed him other dance moves too. Zen did not disappoint and thrilled them.

Through this experience, Sayuri learned that Zen quickly gets excited and was considering putting him in a dance to channel his energy into a good activity.

Sayuri is a Japanese TV personality and a frequent cast member in various Korean entertainment shows. In 2021, Sayuri decided to have a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and raise the baby alone. She is the first single mom to star in Return of Superman.


Watch the full adorable LLE SSERAFIM experience with Zen here:




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