LE SSERAFIM’s Method For Choosing Which Selfies To Post Is Just Too Cute

They are just too adorable!

LE SSERAFIM is one of the hottest rising K-Pop girl groups right now, having made their debut just 4 months ago with their debut track, “FEARLESS”. And their group name, which is an anagram of the phrase “I’m fearless”, implies their self-confidence and strong will to make it through without being swayed by anyone.

And not only are they strong in their talents of vocals, dance, and performance, they are all visuals of the group! These five members have never had a bad photo moment whether it be fan-taken photos or professional ones. 

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Recently, an online community board gained attention for posting about the group’s method on how to choose photos that will be posted online. And although they don’t have to worry about the visual aspect, they still seem to go through specific yet cute rule before posting!

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Sakura: Ok

Eunchae: Ok

Kazuha: Ok

Chaewon: Ok

Yunjin: Ah this is so funny


The rule is that four of the members have to say ok for the photo to be posted online. Fans found this to be so cute since any picture they post is always legendary!

  • “So cute…but of course posting is ok since they are all visuals of the group.”
  • “I love the chemistry between the members. They probably haven’t spent that much time with each other and yet they work well together.”
  • “Omg this is so cute and funny at the same time.”
  • “These girls..they sound like my friends.”

We hope the girls know that they can honestly post whatever they want and fans will love them regardless!

Source: theqoo