LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Shocks Netizens With Her Amazing Ability To Remember Fans

Talk about fan service!

Most recently, LE SSERAFIM kicked off their first solo tour, 2023 LE SSERAFIM TOUR FLAMES RISES. During the Seoul concert, the girls shocked fans in various ways, from revealing new hairstyles to unforgettable fan service. Sakura, in particular, gained much attention for her incredible memory in remembering fans.

One fan had the photo below as their profile photo, and Sakura, remembering who they were, did the same pose for them at the concert!

I’m so excited! Although the view isn’t that good, she did the pose for the first time in seven years! So cute! I love you so much, thank you!

Sakura also did a cute rabbit pose, remembering a fan whose username was a rabbit!

She even remembered a fan’s birthday and made sure to wish them a happy birthday!

Aside from the recent concert, there have been many past accounts of Sakura recognizing her fans! In the videos below, you can see her remembering a fan who was married, thanking a fan for filming a fan cam, and wishing a fan a happy birthday!

Netizens were shocked at her amazing memory and praised her for remembering fans!

  • “Wow that’s amazing!”
  • “Wow how does she remember all that? That’s so crazy!”
  • “Wow I’d be a forever fan!”
  • “Wow it’s like she was born to be an idol..this isn’t something that can be done just by putting in the effort.”
  • “She’s a genius…wow!”
  • “It’s crazy that she can remember and spot the fans.”
Source: theqoo