LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Realizes “How Much The World Has Changed” After Receiving Viewer Feedback On “Fearless Kkura”

Sakura continues to challenge herself a decade into her career.

Sakura is only 25 years old, but she’s already lived an incredibly impressive and unique life, and with her latest debut in LE SSERAFIM, it’s only getting started.

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura | @39saku_chan/Instagram

Sakura spent almost half of her life as an entertainer after becoming one of the J-Pop group HKT48‘s first-generation members at just 13.

She’s since debuted in the group IZ*ONE in 2018 and has made what she considers her final debut with LE SSERAFIM in 2022.

The first time I debuted was in Japan when I was 13, but I was so young that I didn’t know anything about being an idol. But LE SSERAFIM will likely be my last debut and my last group, so I really want to do well.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

(From left:) LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin, Chaewon, Kazuha, Sakura, and Eunchae | @le_sserafim/Twitter

During her recent interview with Weverse Magazine to support LE SSERAFIM’s comeback, Sakura opened up about the reality of being an idol and living in the public eye.

Sakura shared that as an idol, there are certain expectations for how she should act and limits to how much idols open up to fans.

Actually, I think the stage is the only place idols can express all their emotions. I also get a lot of comfort from telling my fans how I’m really feeling but I don’t think we should stop smiling and talk about how hard we have it or let our personal feelings get in the way when we’re on camera.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

While she acknowledges that a positive attitude is necessary for being an idol, she’s slowly becoming more comfortable showing different sides of herself on stage.

I think what makes LE SSERAFIM so special on stage is how energetically we show desire and other emotions that are supposed to be kept private. Those are the kind of performances I always wanted to be a part of. It’s nice to be angelic, pretty and cute too, but there’s more to a person than such positive emotions.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

One way she’s become more comfortable expressing herself is by filming her variety program, Fearless Kkura.

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura filming “Fearless Kkura” with Yunjin | @fearless_kkura/Instagram

I’m very direct on that show. (laughs) I thought I wasn’t supposed to say certain things on camera, like, I’m tired; I wanna go home; it’s freezing; I don’t want to do this and that.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

After opening up more on the show and not filtering her thoughts as much as she usually would, she shared that she received positive feedback that it made her seem “more human.” This made her realize that the world has changed regarding expectations for idols.

But actually, people said it makes me seem more human, and that made me realize how much the world has changed.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

Sakura filming “Fearless Kkura” | @fearless_kkura/Instagram

Sakura opened up more about adapting to idol expectations in her Weverse Magazine interview. Check out more on that in the article below!

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Opens Up About Adapting To Idol Expectations

Source: Weverse Magazine and Weverse Magazine