LE SSERAFIM Shows How “Fearless” They Are — Each Member Is Absolutely Killing It In Their Individual Projects

They’re like the K-Pop girl group Avengers.

Just like the “fearless” message they share with the world, LE SSERAFIM shows their power as a fearless fourth-generation K-Pop girl group that lacks nothing.

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Comprised of five members, Sakura, Chaewon, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae, LE SSERAFIM blew the world away with their debut in 2022 with the song “Fearless” and with their most recent song “Antifragile.” Their songs have an empowering message of not being afraid to be the best version of themselves, regardless of what anybody thinks.

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The members live out their group’s message by being strong, independent bosses in their own projects. Currently, each member is busily doing individual projects aside from their group activities.

First, Sakura is the host of her own YouTube show called Fearless Sakura, where she challenges herself to do new things with a variety of different guests. Many memes and viral clips have come from her show, including her calling entertainer Hong Seok Cheon, a “successful gay.

Chaewon was in a Watcha Original documentary called Fill in the Blank, which unravels the stories of K-Pop artists and their personal lives and career. The other K-Pop artists featured in this documentary were ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung, and THE BOYZ‘s Q.

In addition, Chaewon is currently in a variety show by ENA called HyeMiLeeYeChaePa with five other girls: Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon, LeeJung, Choi Yena, and Patricia Yiombi.


Yunjin is actively working on music and releasing songs that she wrote herself. Her first solo song was “Raise y_our glass,” followed by her powerful song “I ≠ DOLL.” Her most recently released track is “love me twice.”

She also did a stunning Cosmopolitan photoshoot by herself!

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Kazuha is busily filming and taking photos for various advertisements. Her face can be seen throughout Korea in ads for makeup, hair care, and clothing brands. Some include LADOR, Etude, and Calvin Klein.

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Eunchae is currently active as the MC for KBS‘s music program Music Bank, alongside her fellow host, Lee Chae Min. Despite being young, she is showing her natural talent and her bubbly personality!

Eunchae (left) and Lee Chae Min (right) | KBS

It’s amazing to see each member of LE SSERAFIM working hard and actively pursuing individual projects—each one of them is powerful individually, and when the group comes together, they become invincible.

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LE SSERAFIM’s first studio album Unforgiven is set to be released on May 1, and we cannot wait to see what powerful message this group will bring us this time!


Source: LE SSERAFIM, Fearless Sakura and ENA


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