What LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Really Thinks Of Being Assigned The “Backbreaking” Moves In The Group’s Choreographies

Performing them isn’t easy.

LE SSERAFIM may have just debuted last year, but they’re already known for their high performance levels whenever they hit the stage. They often have intense choreographies that match their energetic songs.

Oftentimes, Yunjin is the one who is assigned to do difficult moves. In both “Antifragile” and “Fearless,” for instance, she had to sing while bending over backwards.

She talked about this in greater detail in an interview with Weverse Magazine. Though she finds it “difficult” to do, it is something she does not regret working hard to achieve.

I didn’t realize it before but I think I like difficult and challenging things. It feels like a missed opportunity otherwise. I’ll think, ‘Oh, I could probably do more than this.’

— Yunjin

She added that she accomplishes challenges to gain experience. Thus, even if the choreography is tough, it is worth a shot doing it well each time.

I think it’s best to just give things a try when you’re thrown a tough challenge. Even if it doesn’t always work out, I tend to think every experience is meaningful and influences me in a positive way. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

— Yunjin

The entire group, in fact, follows this persevering mindset. LE SSERAFIM believes that every opportunity is a gift they should seize.

We always say, ‘When we’re given an opportunity, we have to try our best. We can’t have any regrets.’ Opportunities don’t just appear. My view is that you have to be focused on the present. Obviously it’s not always easy. We’re only human. (laughs) When we were debuting, we couldn’t say anything to each other about having a hard time, but now that we’re closer, we say, ‘I’m exhausted. I wanna go home!’ But we still work hard. It’s still hard, but I think it shows real maturity when you work to overcome the difficulty instead of ignoring it. I feel so proud whenever I see how we’re like that and it gives me the strength to rise above even when things get tough.

— Yunjin

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Source: Weverse Magazine