LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Gets Real About Why HYBE Is Different From Other Companies And How They Changed Her

Not every company would allow this.

Aside from their A-tier connections, expert music production, and high-class resources, there’s another reason why HYBE is one of the top entertainment companies in Korea. LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin gave fans a glimpse at what she feels about working for HYBE and its subsidiary SOURCE MUSIC in an interview with Teen Vogue.

Yunjin | @jenaissante/Instagram

The former Pledis Entertainment star explained that she loves how she has been able to express herself more after joining SOURCE MUSIC. Music and performances are just a few avenues that she uses to let others hear her thoughts and emotions.

I think especially after coming to this company, I learned a lot about expressing myself and using music and performance as a tool or a pathway to channel my thoughts and emotions.

— Yunjin

| @jenaissante/Instagram

Having released several solo songs like “Raise y_our glass,” “I≠DOLL” and “love you twice” in quick succession, Yunjin wasn’t joking when she said she’s able to focus on releasing her own music! Speaking of “Raise y_our glass,” she named that song as being instrumental in breaking the barrier that was limiting her self-expression.

After debuting, I took a lot of time to reflect on how I felt throughout my trainee experience. I think, especially through ‘Raise y_our glass,’ I was able to make a path through that barrier that kept me from hiding my emotions. I guess I had a lot of things I wanted to say.

— Yunjin

And she can attribute her current musical freedom to one thing—her company’s support. “I’m just very thankful that I have a place, a company that’s always behind me, supporting all of the decisions that we make,” she gushed.

| @jenaissante/Instagram

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Source: Teen Vogue


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