Lea Huening Answers Whether Or Not She’d Ever Debut As An Idol Again

She promoted as an idol for three years, so here’s her stance.

Though Hueningkai is a TXT member and Huening Bahiyyih is preparing to debut in the project group Kep1er, they weren’t the only idols in the family. Following VIVA‘s debut in 2017, their older sister Lea Huening spent three years as an active idol.

Lea Huening

Since the group appeared to disband in 2019 without a formal statement, Lea Huening spoke about her idol days during an interview with &ASIAN and shared whether she’d ever return to the K-Pop spotlight.


Although Lea Huening has achieved success as a YouTuber, TikToker, model, and MC with hundreds of thousands of fans, Aimée Kwan asked if she’d ever thought about being an “idol again.

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Pleased by the path she’s taken, Lea Huening responded, “I like my life right now.” Still, there was a part of her that hoped to achieve even more.

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Despite experiencing the ups and downs of being an idol, Lea Huening wasn’t fully ready to give it up and would give it another go.

But, I still want to be an idol. Though I did it [before], it didn’t work out. So if I have another chance, I want to try again.

— Lea Huening


That doesn’t mean Lea Huening is ready to drop everything just to pursue the idol life once more. She’s satisfied with her life and appreciative of all the opportunities she has.

But still, I like my life right now. I have a lot of fans.

I have my company, and my YouTube channel. I’m doing great right now.

— Lea Huening

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Since Lea Huening loved performing as an idol and fans enjoy her K-Pop covers, it’s positive to know she’s open to making a return as an idol. Maybe the three siblings could even do a special stage together?

Source: &ASIAN