Learn SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan’s Method To Lessen Swelling On Your Face

Seungkwan is indeed an expert!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan shared some tips on how to lessen swelling on your face on a recent guest appearance the group had in Knowing Brothers. Seungkwan has received a lot of compliments for his appearance recently and wanted to help others as well.

He willingly and proudly shared some tips he learned to Hodong, however it will also be helpful to the viewers who might need it as well.

The cast easily stood on their feet and was quick to follow Seungkwan’s instructions!

Although initially confused how some of the tips Seungkwan gave lessened swelling, Seungkwan proved that he was indeed an expert in the field! Aside from sharing his tips to lessen a swollen face, he also shared some science behind the tips he was giving, and showed everyone that he did his research and that he did it well!

Watch and follow along to Seungkwan’s tips here: