Lee Da Hee Spotted Standing out in the Rain Just for Her Devoted Fans

She was spotted giving all her fans autographs under the rain.

Actress Lee Da Hee recently shared multiple photos of herself with her fans along with the caption, “My fans waited out in the rain until late at night just so they could see me. And one fan even came from Taiwan. Thank you.

According to Lee Da Hee, her fans waited for her outside despite the rain, and in order to express her gratitude, she also took the time to give them autographs.

Not only did she give them autographs, but she also made sure to collect all of the letters and gifts they prepared and even took commemorative photos.

In one of the photos, Lee Da Hee can be seen with a big smile on her face as if she was touched by her fans’ love.

Fans who witnessed this responded with comments such as “That’s our Lee Da Hee!“, “I want her autograph, too“, and “Her fans must be so happy“.

Source: Insight