Actor Lee Dong Wook Clarifies Fans’ Debate Over “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” Ending

Lee Dong Wook is here to end the debate.

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In a recent interview and photoshoot for @star1 magazine, actor Lee Dong Wook ended fans’ debate over the ending of his most recent K-Drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

He starred as the main lead, Lee Yeon, in tvN‘s Tale of the Nine-Tailed alongside Jo Bo Ah (Nam Ji Ah) and Kim Bum (Lee Rang) and said he was surprised by the fact that so many people were conflicted about the ending. 

I didn’t think people would think of it as an open ending, because it was a happy ending in which Lee Yeon and Ji Ah’s love came to fruition. The last cut was a bonus cut that was meant to repay viewers for their love, but many people had a variety of opinions about the ending, and it was fun seeing them.

—Lee Dong Wook


He then went on to discuss his other projects such as his upcoming film Single in Seoul, starring opposite Im Soo Jung and Esom. He described it as, “a romantic comedy movie that people will be able to enjoy watching together.

I think that love is the most important thing in life, but if you go to the movie theater these days, it’s mostly thrillers and noir.

—Lee Dong Wook

He stated that he especially loved filming with Im Soo Jung, who he knew before. He praised her saying, “Soo Jung is a really lovable person in everyday life, but on set, she stands out for her unparalleled professionalism. I had a lot to learn from her on set.

He finished with a brief mention of his talk show Because I Want To Talk.


It was an experience that gave me the chance to reflect on my life through the guests’ stories, and it left me with no regrets. If a good opportunity should come my way, I’d like to take on the challenge again.

—Lee Dong Wook

Source: X Sports News