Lee Dong Wook Dances To TWICE “TT” At Fanmeet

At a recent fan meeting event, Lee Dong Wook made an attempt at dancing to TWICE‘s “TT” for his fans.

On March 14, Lee Dong Wook held a fan meeting at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul. There, he took a shot at dancing to TWICE’s “TT” for his fans. Once he started dancing, fans couldn’t stop screaming in excitement at the rare scene they were seeing. It seems as if he’s been practicing for a while as he was able to nail most of those moves down, or maybe he’s just been a huge fan of TWICE!

Lee Dong Wook showed fans his cute side as he held his hands up in fists before covering his face in embarrassment.

Fans got to see Lee Dong Wook doing the infamous “TT” dance! His charming smile lightens up the mood as he copies the dance moves of TWICE.

Even though he was embarrassed, he showed off how passionate he was about dancing by continuing. The fans’ cheers helped him gain some confidence.

He was shy but was able to end the dance successfully and even pulled off a cute move at the end by holding up two peace signs.

Check out the full video below!

Source: Dispatch