Here’s What Lee Dong Wook Did Every Single Day to Become Closer Friends with Im Siwan on Set

“I wanted to get closer with Im Siwan’s Adam’s apple.” – Lee Dong Wook

Im Siwan‘s first project since being discharged from the military is the OCN drama, Hell Is Other People, and it’s also starring his costar, Lee Dong Wook.

At a recent press conference, Im Siwan confessed, “Dong Wook is like a real brother to me. He thought of me as his little brother and adored me a lot.

He continued, “This might be a bit of a spoiler, but there’s a part called the uvula in Adam’s apple, and that word was in a script that we received a month ago. After getting that script, Dong Wook touched my Adam’s apple as soon as he saw me every time he saw me. At first, I was wondering if he was practicing, but now, if he doesn’t do it, I wonder if something’s wrong.

In response, Lee Dong Wook replied, “I wanted to get closer with Im Siwan’s Adam’s apple. Since this is Siwan’s first project after getting discharged from the military, and I’ve been through that before, I wanted his return to be positive.

He added, “Since we’re filming a drama together, I wanted to cheer him on, and since he’s a kind friend with good leadership, I had no choice but to like him.

The highly anticipated OCN drama, Hell Is Other People, is set to air on August 31.

Source: Dispatch