Video of Lee Dong Wook Speaking Tagalog In The Philippines Goes Viral

The video has captured netizens’ hearts.

To this day, Lee Dong Wook‘s popularity continues to skyrocket from his starring role in Goblin. Shortly after the show aired, however, this video from when he appeared on Filipino show Wowowee back in 2006 got a lot of attention.


At the time, Lee Dong Wook was quite famous in the Philippines for his 2005 SBS drama, My Girl. Although he was very shy and didn’t know much Tagalog, he tried his best and greeted the audience in their own native language, which made the crowd going wild.

He was treated wonderfully by the hosts and was gifted a floral wreath and a Wowowee shirt!


During the show, he was also asked the usual questions that so many of his fans wanted to know. The hosts asked questions regarding Lee Dong Wook’s love life, his ideal type of girl, and what he thought about Filipino women. He graciously answered them all with a shy smile that surely captured many women’s hearts that day.


In the video, Lee Dong Wook ended the video by speaking in Tagalog again and expressing his appreciation for his Filipino fans. Now the video is back once again! Check it out below: