Lee Dong Wook Kills Everyone by Introducing Himself like an Idol

Lee Dong Wook is officially the cutest man alive.

Lee Dong Wook recently held a live broadcast with the contestants of Mnet’s Produce X 101 where he joined in on their introductions by pretending to be an idol himself.

During the broadcast, Lee Dong Wook asked, “Do you remember when we did the 10-second promotions?” He then requested, “We upgraded that bit. Hold the camera and film your own introductions. Show at least 3 different expressions and you only have 10 seconds.

What followed were a bunch of cute introductions, but what made everyone die of laughter was the idol introduction that Lee Dong Wook made.

As soon as it was his turn, he said, “I’m from Starship Entertainment and it’s been 21 years since my debut. My name is Lee Dong Wook!

On top of that, he even framed his handsome face with his fluttering hand in the most lovable way and proved once more that he does not age at all.

Check out Lee Dong Wook’s introduction starting at 2:40 below:

Source: Insight