Lee Dong Wook Revealed He Was Nervous During The Finale Of “Produce X 101” For The Sweetest Reason

It just shows that he’s the best national producer!

Actor Lee Dong Wook forged an undeniably strong bond with each and every one of the trainees during his time as the host of Produce X 101 and during the final episode of the program, it turns out he was a lot more nervous than he originally appeared.


Lee Dong Wook recently held a livestream where he talked with fans about his new show, Strangers From Hell, and his time as the national producer on Produce X 101 including one piece of information that is making everyone melt.


During the live, Lee Dong Wook read a comment from a fan asking him if he was tired during the final episode of the show. After admitting that he had seen comments like that before, Lee Dong Wook opened up and admitted it wasn’t tiredness that he was feeling during the finale but nerves.

It’s not that I’ve never done a live broadcast before. I hosted a variety of awards shows, but I was very nervous on the day of the finale.

— Lee Dong Wook


Those nerves, however, had nothing to do with being up on stage for a live broadcast but rather all about his close bond with all the trainees on the program!

It wasn’t like I have to do well. I wasn’t that kind of nervousness at all. Each word I said, each action I took, I was worried that I might affect the kids on stage. I was afraid they would be affected negatively during the broadcast. I did get choked up from time to time and I kept on showing my emotions so I feel really sorry for that.

— Lee Dong Wook


Those emotions have also kept him from watching the final episode! Lee Dong Wook revealed that he still hasn’t watched that episode back and doesn’t think he will be able to.

Even now I haven’t watched the finale. I don’t think I can watch it. It was a moment of intense emotions. Stamina wise it wasn’t hard but my heart ached. We all got so close.

— Lee Dong Wook


And it’s all because he became so close with each and every trainee on the program! You can see what Lee Dong Wook had to say about his nervous moment around the 52-minute mark below: