Only Lee Dong Wook Can Take a Selfie with Idols 15 Years Younger and Not Look out of Place

“I can’t tell who’s an idol and who’s not.”

Lee Jinhyuk, who left a deep impression on the viewers of Mnet’s Produce X 101, recently took a selfie with the producer, Lee Dong Wook as well as fellow contestant, Kim Mingyu.

Both Lee Jinhyuk and Kim Mingyu looked handsome as ever in the selfies, but the one who stood out the most was Lee Dong Wook.

Despite being 39 years old in Korean age, Lee Dong Wook posed next to two idols with more than a 15-year age gap and still managed to fit in perfectly.

Lee Dong Wook flaunted a hairstyle that completely exposed his face, and that allowed fans to get a better look at his flawless features.

When fans first saw these photos, many marveled at Lee Dong Wook’s youthful visuals with comments such as “I can’t tell who’s an idol and who’s not.

Luckily, Lee Dong Wook will continue to grace his fans with his stunning looks in the upcoming OCN drama, Hell Is Other People which is set to air coming August.

Source: Insight