Lee Dong Wook Left One Produce X 101 Trainer So Flustered She Couldn’t Even Look At Him

His visuals were just too intense!

From the moment Lee Dong Wook was announced as the MC for Produce X 101, everyone knew that his killer visuals were going to make everyone’s hearts flutter every single week.


And it’s been so true! In fact, Lee Dong Wook’s intense looks even had a serious effect on trainer Bae Yoon Jung! On a recent episode of the show, Lee Dong Wook made a surprise appearance backstage.


The moment definitely caught trainer Bae Yoon Jung by surprise! As it was the first time that she had met him in person, she shyly greeted him at first…


But when Lee Dong Wook tried to make eye contact with her, his charming visuals were just too much and she couldn’t help blushing and turning away!


After their first meeting was pointed out again, the two once again greeted each other and Bae Yoon Jung was able to hold eye contact a little longer!


Netizens have been loving the adorable and shy interaction between the two. Check it out for yourself starting at the 10-second mark in the video below!