Lee Dong Wook Assures “Produce X 101” Trainee That It’s All Right to Cry at His Age

Caring man, Lee Dong Wook is at it again.

The second ranking of Produce X 101 recently took place where Lee Dong Wook touched all trainees and viewers with something he said to the trainee, Kim Minkyu.

Kim Minkyu had always maintained his spot in the top 3, but this time around, he fell by 7 whole ranks and ended up in 10th place, which put everyone in shock.

Despite his shock, Kim Minkyu went up on stage and calmly thanked everyone and promised that he would work harder from now on.

As soon as Kim Minkyu finished, Lee Dong Wook asked, “Are you not a crier, or do you just hold it in for the show?” while referring to a previous show where he tried very hard to hold in his tears.

In response, Kim Minkyu answered, “I’m able to cry, but I try to hold it in because I don’t think it’s the right time for me to start crying yet.

And what Lee Dong Wook said next caught everyone off guard. He expressed, “It’s good to hold in your tears, but it’s also good to let it out sometimes. If you’re having a hard time, you have the right to cry, lean on others, and share your feelings.

He then comforted the trainee by adding, “You don’t have to try to keep it all to yourself all the time. You’re at an age where you’re allowed to cry.

Source: Dispatch