Lee Dong Wook Is A Total Creeper In “Hell Is Other People” And Viewers Can’t Handle It

Im Si Wan’s face = our faces.

OCN‘s new K-Drama series Hell is Other People has been airing for a few episodes now and Korean viewers continue to be freaked out by the show’s eerie vibe and the cast’s amazing acting.


In fact, Lee Dong Wook – who has been receiving a tremendous amount of praise since the news of his casting for fitting his role with such incredible resemblance – is giving everyone some serious goosebumps with his complete embrace of his creeper role.


By the end of episode 3, Lee Dong Wook’s character has befriended Im Si Wan‘s character. While the two of them grabbed some beer, Lee Dong Wook offered Im Si Wan “raw meat”.


When Im Si Wan wasn’t too fond of the dish served, Lee Dong Wook was disappointed. While his lines themselves were relatively harmless (in text), Lee Dong Wook managed to make them sound mysterious and even frightening.

You don’t like it, huh? Maybe it’s this particular part you don’t like. I have other parts. Would you like to try?

— Lee Dong Wook


As tension built in the air, Im Si Wan couldn’t help but think something is seriously wrong with Lee Dong Wook and the house in which they lived. Lee Dong Wook, with his deep and large eyes, stared right into Im Si Wan’s soul and began messing with his head.


Viewers are now commenting this was one “Hellish Ending” and that Lee Dong Wook’s creeper smile will most definitely keep them up at night.


Ready to get some major heebie jeebies?

Watch the full clip here:

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