Lee Dong Wook Looked Very Different When He First Debuted, Here’s What He Looked Like

Lee Dong Wook has completely transformed since his acting debut in 1999.

Lee Dong Wook has always been a mega hottie, but he didn’t always look like the mature, flawless man he does today.


When he burst onto the scene in KBS’s School 2 in 1999, he was a fresh-faced 18-year-old with only a bit of modeling experience and an acting degree.


His first acting break was in a leading role in the drama The Best Theater on the Road where he showed Korea what he could do as a high school student suffering from conflict around his educational upbringing.


He was super young and cute-faced when he first started seriously acting.


He also had a bit more baby weight.


But as he got more roles over the years, he entered a transition stage where he lost his baby face but retained his soft, lovable features.


He also got double eye-lid surgery, which changed his face shape quite a bit.


His role in 2005’s drama My Girl was the one that shot him to mega fame status for his portrayal of hotel CEO Seol Gong Chan – and his handsome features, which he had grown into by now.


Later, he became more… chiseled.

He admitted in 2011 that he had put on 16kg for Scent of a Woman, another drama that he is well-known for, because there was a shower scene and a beach scene and “it’s not fair for my fans who waited for me [after the army]“.


By 2013 his transformation to rugged man was complete.

He appeared in Heaven’s Order sporting a sexy mustache and his role in 2014’s Blade Man showed his most heartless side yet.


And of course his leading role in 2016’s Goblin reminded viewers of what they already knew – that he’s a seriously talented actor, and visually he’s only grown better with age!


He’s completely flawless nowadays at 36 years old!


And if he continues on his god-like path, he’s only going to get better!

Source: Instiz, Busan Ilbo and No Cut News