Lee Hi Explains Why Her New Comeback Sounds So Different To Anything She’s Done Before

The new-and-improved Lee Hi is all types of amazing.

Lee Hi‘s been famous for her rich, soulful voice and her retro-R&B style since debut, but on her new mini album 24 Degrees, the singer has decided to take a step in a different musical direction.

In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Lee Hi explained that not only has her musical style matured, but she was also focused on incorporating more East Asian influences in her music.

While I was making this album, I thought a lot about what an Eastern [Asian] song is.

– Lee Hi

This shift in style is mostly apparent in her title track, “NO ONE”, which features labelmate B.I of iKON.

While the song would most closely fit into the “tropical house” category, Lee Hi’s choice of instrumentation and use of melodies definitely draws on East Asian influence. This seamless blend of genres works so well throughout the entire mini album, which returns to her signature R&B style with subtle, more Asian elements throughout.

Watch Lee Hi’s chart-topping, genre-bending music video for “NO ONE” here:

Source: XSports News