Lee Hi Spills On The Behind Story Of Her Viral Video At BTS J-Hope’s Listening Party

Lee Hi is the life of the party.

In an interview with BuzzFeed UKLoco shared a picture of Coogie at BTS J-Hope‘s Listening Party. While it wasn’t the funniest photo in his gallery, it was a picture that made him happy just by looking at it. Loco, meenoi, and Coogie were super nervous at the party since there were so many celebrities. Still, even when nervous, Coogie was adorable and helped relieve Loco’s nerves.

BuzzFeed UK/YouTube

Lee Hi also shared about her viral video at J-Hope’s party, when she was escorted by HyunA and Jessi. Lee Hi hadn’t taken any pictures at the party, so she found out she was going viral when she went on Twitter.

Lee Hi clarified that while it was true that she was drunk and was escorted by HyunA and Jessi, she wasn’t so drunk that she needed help to walk. They were simply looking out for her, just in case anything happened.

However, Lee Hi immediately contradicted her claims of not being so drunk by admitting that she had ten shots of Kahlua Milk. This cocktail contains alcohol, coffee, and sugar, all of which she had restrained herself from during the pandemic.

Loco and Gray joked that Lee Hi had truly become high that night, thanks to the overload of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, but they were also glad that she genuinely had fun that night.

She really did let loose, having the time of her life and charming everyone with her dance moves.