Lee Hong Ki Vents About His Desire To Hold Concerts Again

we hope to get a concert soon!

FT ISLAND‘s talented vocalist Lee Hongki recently took to his Instagram to share his struggles with being an artist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

| @skullhong12/Instagram

As many know, COVID-19 has caused many businesses and leisurely activities to come to a halt in order to keep everyone safe. While the lockdowns are for everyone’s safety, it has been truly hard on everyone. Lee Hong Ki expressed his struggles with COVID-19 as it has kept him away from holding concerts.


On August 9, Lee Hong Ki posted a clip of himself singing on stage on his Instagram with the caption, “I want to do a concert. More than anything.”

Under the clip in the comment section, Actress Jung Hye Sung, complimented the singer and his amazing  “Wow, you have great spirit.”

Hopefully, the world will be safe enough where Lee  Hong Ki can reunite with his fans again!