Lee Hwi Jae brought to tears when his father did not recognize him and his grandsons

Lee Hwi Jae could not hold back his emotions after his father could not recognize him or his children on television.

Superman Is Back recently had a special segment for Lee Hwi Jae dedicated to his father, who is currently in poor health and generally spends his time only at home. Since his father always watches music performances, Lee Hwi Jae and his children decided to hold a special performance dedicated to his father.

When Lee Hwi Jae returned to his parents’ home to watch the performance, his father recognized the song that was being performed, but not the performers, his own son and grandsons.

At first, Lee Hwi Jae thought it was because he couldn’t see well, so he moved his father closer to the television. When he still couldn’t recognize them, he accepted the fact and brought his father back to his room. After doing that, he couldn’t stop crying, realizing that his father’s health was worse than he initially thought.

Watch the incredibly sad moment between Lee Hwi Jae and his father below.


Source: Xportnews