Lee Hwi Jae Claimed The Children Of “The Return Of Superman” Don’t Get Paid

The show doesn’t pay them for their work.

On KBS Cool FM’s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Lee Hwi Jae, who appeared in KBS’s The Return of Superman with his sons, Seo Eon and Seo Joon, made a shocking revelation about the payment structure of the show.

“The Superman Returns” | KBS Cool FM

He confessed that after recently appearing on the show, he’s worried that his sons will ask something that he’s dreading.

Kang Gary and his son Kang Ha Oh on the show.

About their pay.

My sons, Seo Eon and Seo Joon recognize that they were recently on the show. I’m worried that they’ll ask me, ‘Dad, where’s my payment for being on the show?’

— Lee Hwi Jae

When Park Myung Soo asked where their payment is, Lee Hwi Jae agreed to reveal something that The Return of Superman never has.

That it’s never coming.

They don’t pay the children for being on their show.

— Lee Hwi Jae

But he added that that doesn’t mean they get paid nothing for good because he made separate accounts for them once advertisements came in.

But when they filmed advertisements after that, I made bank accounts for them.

— Lee Hwi Jae

The new gained particular attention due to a controversy involving Sam Hammington‘s sons, William and Bentley when they were led to believe they would meet BTS.

The show airs every week on Sundays.

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