Lee Hyori Confesses She Lived in a Second-Floor Dosshouse Even After Debuting as an Idol

Lee Hyori’s journey was definitely not an easy one.

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s Camping Club, Lee Jin and Lee Hyori were seen waiting at the bus stop early in the morning to go grocery shopping.

After noticing a two-story house, Lee Hyori confessed, “I’ve lived in a dosshouse on the second floor before.

She continued, “The owner of the house lived on the first floor, so they used the front door, while we used the side door to get in and out.

Lee Hyori then added, “Whenever my boyfriend in high school dropped me off, I said goodbye in front of the main door. Even after I debuted, my fans came to look for me at that house. I lived there for about 2 years.”

When Lee Jin heard this, she was shocked as she said, “I didn’t know that. I thought that whole house was yours.

In the past, Lee Hyori also confessed on SBS’s Healing Camp that she and her 6-member household once lived in a small barbershop that didn’t have a washroom.

For that reason, Lee Hyori and her family aimed to obtain a home of their own, and Lee Hyori worked hard throughout her career to make that dream come true.


Source: Insight