Lee Hyori Can’t Help But Laugh At IU’s Unusual Fashion Sense

IU and Lee Hyori went shopping for clothes in a recent episode of Hyori’s Homestay.

When IU picked out the clothes she wanted to buy, Hyori was surprised at how “unique” they were.

She had picked out a bright purple dress and matching bag, oversized dress overalls, a graphic tee, and a bucket hat.

Hyori seemed confused at her selection, and asked “Why are you buying this?” with every item.

She even referenced IU’s “Palette” and realized that IU had written true lyrics about herself.

Hyori: In your song, isn’t there a lyric that says ‘I like old-fashioned things’?
IU: Yes!
Hyori: So you truly did express yourself through your lyrics! I’m kidding. There’s no such thing as old-fashioned, everyone’s taste is different.

IU remained confident with her choices, and she appeared to be in love with all the clothes she picked out!

Check out the video below.