Lee Hyori Apologizes to Her Former Manager for How She Treated Him Back in the Day

The Fin.K.L members even left him in the middle of the roads and drove away without him.

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s Camping Club, Fin.K.L‘s Lee Hyori, Ok Joohyun, Sung Yuri, and Lee Jin reunited with their former manager.

In prior variety shows, Lee Hyori and other Fin.K.L members talked about a manager who had a hard time because he had to take care of them.

They even confessed that the manager got so fed up with them that he stopped the van in the middle of the road, but that the members just drove away without him.

As soon as that manager appeared, Sung Yuri and Ok Joohyun burst into tears and gave him a hug.

The Fin.K.L members then expressed their regret and said that they deserved to be punished for what they did.

When the members asked the manager if it was hard, the manager confessed, “It was hard. It was mentally hard.

And when they asked when it was the hardest, the manager replied, “When you all banded together and ganged up on me.

When the manager said he even cried, Lee Hyori sincerely apologized, “This isn’t something we should talk about while laughing. I’m sincerely sorry. I really am.

Check out the full clip of the reunion below:


Source: Dispatch