Lee Hyori Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have Female Celebrity Friends

Lee Hyori and IU shared a deep conversation about the difficulties of making friends in the entertainment industry.

The two have been growing close while filming Hyori’s reality program, Hyori’s Home Stay.

In a recent episode, Hyori confessed that she didn’t have that many celebrity friends during her prime.

She explained that jealousy and envy often made it difficult for her to make friends.

“I really didn’t have many celebrity friends. During my prime, there were a lot of programs where celebrities could invite their celebrity friends, but I couldn’t think of anyone to invite.

If the celebrities work in the same field, then it’s especially difficult to form a deep friendship. It felt like there was always a little bit of jealousy or envy.”

— Lee Hyori

Hopefully, Hyori’s Home Stay has made it easy for Hyori to find a friend in IU!

Watch the segment below!