Lee Hyori Reveals Her Boobs Are Getting Smaller, Her Husband’s Reaction Is Priceless

On an episode of Hyori’s Homestay, Lee Hyori revealed that her boobs have been getting smaller with age.

She said that her husband, Lee Sang Soon, kept teasing her about them and often asked, “Where did they go?”

Hyori explained that during her youth, she gave her boobs too much freedom, so they used up all their energy.

“I let them out too often, so I think their lifespan is used up, and they’re a bit exhausted.”

— Lee Hyori

When she expressed that she wasn’t affected by her decreasing bust size, her husband begged to differ.

Hyori: “But it’s ok since there’s only one person who’s ever going to see them.”
Sang Soon: “But I missed out.”

Watch the hilarious full clip below!