Lee Hyori Almost Debuted with SM Entertainment Before She Became a Fin.K.L Member

Lee Hyori originally trained to debut with S.E.S.

Mnet’s TMI News recently revealed that Lee Hyori started off in entertainment as a trainee for SM Entertainment preparing to debut with S.E.S.

According to the show, Lee Hyori was originally cast by a H.O.T. manager of SM Entertainment to become an S.E.S. member but later left the agency due to the difficulties she faced.


After that, Lee Hyori entered World Music as a trainee and trained to form a hip-hop group with Yoon Mirae.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori was working part-time at a restaurant, where she was discovered by the CEO of DSP Entertainment.

He saw so much potential in her that he paid for her expensive cancellation fees at her previous agency and signed a contract with her, which led her to debut as the leader of Fin.K.L.

Check out the full reveal of Lee Hyori’s past below:

Source: Dispatch