Lee Hyori and SNSD Yuri Are So Close That Yuri’s Embarrassing Moments Get Revealed Instantly

Nothing gets held back between them.

Lee Hyori was the first guest on Kim Je Dong‘s Talk To You Season 2 and she revealed an embarrassing story about Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri, who is a panelist on the show.


Lee Hyori revealed that Yuri was at her house in Jeju Island the day before the filming, and they ended up having some drinks together.

“Actually, Yuri slept over at my house last night. We shared 2 bottles of 100-proof Kaoliang Wine (Baijiu). Yuri was really suffering last night because of that. I cleaned up everything.” — Lee Hyori


She then revealed Yuri’s drunk habit of puking, in a very girl group member way.

“Yuri has a habit of checking on the food she already ate when she is drunk. Lee Sang Soon is currently washing the blankets.” — Lee Hyori


Watch the whole segment below: